Environmental Pollution/Water and Air Quality





"Think globally, act locally."


-- David Brower




Environmental News Network


The EPA Climate Change Site


World Wide Fossil Fuel Reserves


Global Warming Focus on the Future

Climate Ark

Fossil Fuels (excellent info on coal, oil, gas and reserves)

Miami Museum of Science-The pH Factor

Our Changing Planet (numerous excellent short video clips)

 Global Climate Change Scam (With all good science we need to be objective enough to look at ALL possibilities and view ALL data)  This site gives substantial evidence contrary to media hype.

On the trail of missing ozone Illustrated Panels (Very Good info clever illustrations)

Ozone Depletion Myth vs. Measurement

Greenhouse Effect and More (excellent info more than just greenhouse, take a look)

  Global Warming, lots of excellent info based on science (take a look)

Explorelearning Gizmo (pH test)

The Nature Conservancy

The Greenhouse Effect

TOMS Home Page

United States Environmental Protection Agency

EPA Climate Change Site (Gives good data and info while maintaining objectivity)

Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming Videos and Diagrams (very good)

NJ Department of Environmental Protection

Scientific Facts on Climate Change

Kids' Corner pH Scale

RFMS Library Science Access Page

Global Warming and Greenhouse Effect Kids Site (very good)

USA and World Population Growth

Our Changing Planet

EPA Environmental Pollution (Acid Rain, plus)

Acid Rain Animation (brief and very simple) 

Acid Rain (simple definitions and info about many components of acid rain)

The Water Cycle (Summary) excellent info by USGS for all education levels

Rotten Truth About Garbage (Very Good info)

Global Warming Facts and our Future (excellent site with great info, pictures, diagrams ...)

B-Green  Collaborative (excellent info about many alternative forms of energy and more)

Water Quality and Usage (USGS site with excellent info)

Ground Water - Frequently Asked Questions

Explore Learning Web Page

EPA Acid Rain Student Site (animation)

EnviroLinks  (This is a Good site with lots of links to Environmental Problems and Issues)

Global Warming (excellent info and data) replaces focus on the future

Alternative Fuel Vehicles (Excellent info about possible cars of the near future)

Maps and Globes (very good info)

Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository (excellent detailed info) you need to click the scroll down arrow to change screens

Yucca Mountain EPA Report (lots of information on many levels)

Yucca Mountain FAQ's (lots of great information on every topic concerning Yucca Mountain)

WIPP (Waste Isolation Pilot Plant) storage facility for nuclear waste (excellent information)

Chernobyl Myth and Reality – Then and Now

Chernobyl Pictures (after the accident)

 Human Caused Global Warming? YouTube video (very interesting)

 Human Caused Climate Change? (Excellent info from a Ph.D.Climatologist)

"The Great Global Warming Swindle" (Great info and resources, learn more then decide - use menu on left of site)

"The Great Global Warming Swindle (You Tube Video) good science reviews all data, you choose!

 Power a City (This is a very cool, totally interactive site that allows  students to make choices about energy sources to power their city)

 USGS site  with many Earth Science titles and links as well as a Climate Change link (reliable information)

Is There Global Cooling? (Excellent information and data, data, data) This is a must read site. Science  is the search for truth and requires an objective look at all data.  NO POLITICS!

  Climate Change Reconsidered

Global Warming Facts (Very good videos and lots of information) Hundreds of scientists are questioning  the poor science and misleading information.

What's Up With That (Very comprehensive  site dealing with the controversy over man made climate change)

 Cool It (another view of global warming and what should or should not be done)

Human Caused Climate Change? (this site has numerous short videos presenting numerous view points) some worthwhile and excellent information 

Kyoto Agreement (open and scroll down to Annex 1 countries and down to top 10 emitters) read carefully.  6 of the top ten polluting countries have NO RESTRICTIONS!

World Climate Report (very interesting information and data)

CO2 Science (loaded with extensive research on climate change information going back thousands of years to recent times) 

Another Ice Age?  (Time magazine cover June 1974) Yes, less than 50 years ago we were told we are headed for an Ice Age!

Temperature Conversion Chart (easy and informative)


The Encyclopedia of Earth (Great site with excellent info on all areas of planet Earth, and Climate History)