Astronomy and Space Exploration
Who are we? We find that we live on an insignificant planet of a humdrum star lost in a galaxy tucked away in some forgotten corner of a universe in which there are far more galaxies than people.
--Carl Sagan

Astronomy and Space Exploration Resources
Windows to the Universe (perhaps the best single site for all your Astronomy needs)
The Nine Planets (excellent info. pictures and links)
Black Holes and Neutron Stars
NASA Eclipse Home Page
Eclipses as seen in Trenton, New Jersey
Solar Eclipse (excellent video with excellent explanation by astronomer, may take short time to load)
Luna Eclipse animation (note: Java, very good)
Solar Eclipse animation (note: Java, very good)
Phases of the Moon Animation # 1(very good) (look at both of these)
Phases of the Moon Top 4 keys to mastering Moon phases # 2 (Excellent diagrams and explanations)
Phases of the Moon Models (this is a youtube site) Two demos of models you and your students can make
Resource Guide to the Moon (lots of great information about many aspects of the Moon)
Bob Berman's Strange Universe articles (Great information on many topics) 
Hubble: A View to the Edge of Space
Earth and Space info-office of naval research (excellent info and some animations, click menus on left) 
Satellite Observation Home page (good site to learn how and where to look for satellites)
Imagine the Universe  
Kennedy Space Center
Liftoff to Space Exploration
Phases of the Moon (simple, easy to understand) Take a look 
NASA Photo Gallery (excellent pictures and info)
Mars Pathfinder
Earth and Moon size Comparison (very nice pictures + diagrams)
Astro-viewer (excellent site, select sky map from many locations)
Mystery of Deep Space  
NASA Human Space Flight
Galaxy Zoo (this is a very interesting and interactive site, check it out)
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Science Fix (this is a site which has a few brief and reproduceable science demos) very interesting  
NASA Solar System Simulator
NASA Space Calendar
Comets (Why Files)
The Sky (Contains Excellent Timeline of Humankinds Exploration of Space)
SkyView Virtual Observatory
Your Weight on Other Worlds
Your Age on Other Planets
NASA Rocketry (K-12) and Build a Bubble Rocket (K5) lesson plans and instructions 
Stephen Hawking's Universe
Views of the Solar System
The Reasons for the Seasons (excellent diagrams and explanations as seen from PA near our area)
Your Sky-- interactive planetarium
Zoom Astronomy
Nova Archive Space (Excellent Resource Covering Many Space Related Topics)
Falling into Space (Facts about Zero G, and Astronauts)
Star Light Star Bright
Cosmic Beginning (excellent video about 15 min)
Visual Physics (lots of animations, some better than others, worth taking a look)
Virtual Journey into the Universe (very good)
DMI, Excellent pictures and Info. especially for Galaxies and Nebulae 
Picture Gallery (very good pictures)
Orbit Simulator (very good and interactive)
NASA Brain Bites (great video answers to lots of questions)
Solar System Info link (especially for younger students)
Exploring Space
AAO Galaxies and more (Great pictures and information for Galaxies and Nebulae)
Reasons for the Seasons (another very good animation)
Animation of the Reason for the Seasons (click the back arrow at bottom of each page to see more excellent short animations and information),
What Causes Earth's Seasons (Be aware, this is a You Tube Video but has outstanding info, watch it all)
Reasons for the Seasons (Excellent, loaded with info, look at top menu) 
Hubble Site Cosmic Collisions (Galaxies collide-including the Milkyway)
Astronomy 161 The Solar System (This is an excellent site covering EVERYTHING about the solar system briefly and with diagrams) 
Cosmic Collision (of Galaxies including the Milkyway) this is a YouTube video, lots of excellent info
Comets-Facts-Myths-Legends-animations (and make a comet interactively) Very Good for teachers
BBC-Solar Eclipse Animation (and much much more) This site is an excellent astronomy site
Why Spring is Coming Earlier
You Tube Video Amazing Solar System (About the Moon and Mars only, it's 9 min. long Very Good)
Kid Info-Astronomy and Space Exploration Links of all kinds (Great one stop shopping for sites)
NASA Planet Quest (good stuff-I suggest click on games and take the fact or fiction quiz)
International Space Station (Animated construction) excellent, check it out
Educational Guide to the Solar System (Lots od connecting links)
Backyard Astronomy Basics (Excellent, basic info multi-layered)

Guide to backyard Astronomy (good info, loaded with some excellent links)

Naked Eye Observer's Guide (Excellent, in-depth detailed astronomy info with multiple links)