Atomic Structure


Man is made of the same atoms the world is, he shares the same impressions, predispositions, and destiny.   

                                                           Ralph Waldo Emerson


Atomic Structure Resources
Atoms Family  
All About Atoms  
Really fun song of Elements (by Tom Lehrer)  
Atomic Magic, (Excellent info and atomic history)  
BrainPop: PH Scale  
Periodic Table (another type)
Chemicool Periodic Table
Miami Museum of Science The pH Factor
Periodic Table Adventure
The Energy Story (Excellent information about all forms of energy)
The Periodic Table of the Elements on the Internet
All About The Periodic Table  
Science Odyssey Atom Builder You Try it
Web Elements
The Elements and Atomic Building Blocks
Kid Zone (great links of all sorts)
The Particle Adventure (good stuff about matter and fundamental particles)
About Fusion (good information and diagrams)
Drop and Drag Formulas (test your knowledge) modest challenge for students
Plasma - Natural and Man Made
What is Fire - What really makes things burn?
The Size of Everything (WOW! this is very cool, similar to powers of 10 but much cooler and more informative)