Batteries/Electronic Circuits/Magnetism



"Imagination has brought mankind through the dark ages to its present state of civilization. Imagination led Columbus to discover America. Imagination led Franklin to discover electricity."

-- L. Frank Baum



Batteries/Electronic Circuits/Magnetism


Edison's Miracle of Light

Electrical Theory (excellent easy to read definitions)

Electricity and Magnetism                              

Energizer: How A battery Works

Experiments in Electrochemistry

History of batteries (good printable page)

Basic  Electricity (good info and diagrams)

Electricity, Electronics, Circuits, Definitions, Lessons and more.  Excellent info. 


Cheat Sheet to Beginners Guide to Electronics (lots of helpful electronics info)

Electricity (World Wide Information)

 Batteries (brief info but very good diagrams)

 Basic Electronics (excellent detailed information covering virtually all  electrical topics)

The Energy Story (simple explanation of electric circuits and flow of electricity)

Electronics  Tutorial (lots of excellent information)

Applied Science  (Basic information about electricity and magnetism, contains some lesson  plans)

The Physics Classroom Electric Circuits (excellent info and definitions and  some good diagrams)

How a Light Bulb Works (from how things work)

All About Light (This site has many excellent links covering everything about light)

How Magnets Work (Great links covering magnetism and electricity)

Light Pollution Information (Links to great info about everything to do with light pollution)


Squishy Circuits, (short video, a way to make circuits from playdough) could be great for elementary grades

How to Make a Basic Battery (and more basic info on Batteries) Basic but very good

 **Electricity and more (May be single best site for Great info and diagrams)