"Science is a process, a process of discovery, a process of trial and error, a process of success and failure.  Science is a process that challenges and exposes discoveries to the rigors of repeated objective testing."  Richard J Tormey Jr

Educational Philosophy


   Compassion, in a word and in my opinion, is the most important trait for a teacher to possess.   Without compassion and understanding for your students and their vastly diverse needs and abilities you may never become the teacher who makes a difference in their lives.   

   Some areas of paramount importance for me have always been, how can I stay current, and how can I best meet the needs of all my students.   I have always felt that if you’re afraid to jump-in and use the current available technology, you’re doing your students a grave disservice and putting your students at a great disadvantage.  Technology is the future for these kids.  For many science educators, using computers and available technology may not be as comfortable and as easy as teaching solely via books or “canned” programs.   However, if 21st Century schools are to meet the future needs of our students, we teachers need to “step outside of our comfort zone.

   I firmly believe science teachers need to embrace the technology made available to schools by taxpayers and Boards of Education.  Furthermore, in some cases science teachers need to resurrect the hands-on teacher directed inquiry based investigative science activities that make science fun and educational.  Educators need to have students spending most of their time “Doing Science" and not just reading and answering questions about science.   I have always wanted my students to UNDERSTAND science and not just memorize science facts.

    In my professional opinion, the face of education has changed such, that it is no longer imperative to be a source and distributor of vast amounts of knowledge.  Educators should no longer be the “sage on the stage” rather, it is more important to our students and their future lives that we teach them how and where to acquire the knowledge and information they will need, so they can become informed and responsible contributors to the global society.   

"Every day you touch science, and every day science touches you!"  

Richard J Tormey Jr.