Science Lesson Plans and More
ScienceNetlinks [URL:] AAAS and NCTM are two of the partners in this megawebsite that includes at least 250 lesson plans that can be selected according to specific Benchmark and grade level. Also, be sure to visit Tools and Resources where there are at least 1400 reviewed websites categorized by Benchmark topic and grade level. These are all quality sites carefully vetted by many teachers and content specialists. This is a must see site, a portal to several thousand gems.
Thirteen Edonline [URL:] Contains  three searchable databases of at least 300 original tried-and-true lessons that work in the classroom. Developed by Thirteen/WNET master teachers. Each month new lesson plans are added.
National Teacher Training Institute (NTTI) [URL:] In addition to the Best Lessons (including those newly added), be sure to see dozens of archived lesson plans at the bottom of the Lesson Plan Database page.
 PBS Teacher Source Website [URL:] Select grade range and topic. Comprehensive site including several thousand lesson plans in a wide variety of subject areas.
Annenberg Foundation Media [URL:] See topics under Professional Development. Check out and Browse teacher resources by discipline, by grade, by specific topic. Be sure to see the many instructive video segments (once you register). Comprehensive site.
Virginia Commonwealth University Life Sciences Funded Project [URL:] Stream or download 50 of the best videos (8 to 10 minutes each) from the public television series, "Secrets of the Sequence." Each video has an accompanying classroom-tested lesson plan that encourages students (grades 8 to 12 and beyond) to  further explore the topic. Printout the one-page overview that gives a birds-eye-view of the dozen major life science areas, the video titles that relate to each, and other life science emphases. A significant project funded by the Pfizer Foundation and the National Academy of Sciences. A must see site if you have any interest in cutting edge biological research and important basics in the life sciences.
Science-Class Links  This is an excellent site with many links to text, videos, diagrams, and much more.  This covers Physical, Life, and Earth/Space science areas.  This is a particular must see for middle school science teachers.
Teacher's Domain  This is an excellent site with many many lesson plans and activities covering all areas of science as well as all other curricular areas.  You will have to create a login name and password but it is a free site and worth the couple minutes to set-up your access.