Miscellaneous Science Sites


Science Up Close-Harcourtschool (EXCELLENT) this site covers LOTS of topics for grades 1 thru 5 and many are interactive videos. You really must check it out. 

Understanding Science (This is a very useful base for finding lots of science info)

Science Central (WOW! This site has tons of links to excellent science info/articles) 

Newton's Laws of Motion,( check it out, this has basic definitions, animations, and excellent for middle school)

Optics For Kids

  Geology - Rocks and Minerals  (This is an excellent site, particularly for elementary and perhaps middle school students.  It’s loaded with basic information about rocks and minerals and how and where they form and are found and much more.)

Popular Science Magazine (Great  Magazine lots of great stuff, need I say more)

Your Weight on Other Worlds

National Geographic (All kinds of Great Stuff)

Fear of Physics (good stuff about  falling objects and orbits)


New Jersey Science Teachers Association (NJSTA)

Exploratorium (Excellent links to many science topics)

Discover Magazine (Always lots of New and Interesting Science Information)

Amazing Space

Beyond the Book McDougal Littell Science (Interesting Teaching Strategies, one presently featuring, (me Rich  Tormey)

Access Science (McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science)

Virtual Science Center

National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)

Bad Astronomy (Excellent Site-Lots of Good Stuff and Lots of Myth Busting  Stuff)

NJ Department of Environmental Protection

4000 Years of Women in Science

Greatest Women in Science History (excellent resource, highlights many of the women who contributed so much to science)

  Next Generation Science Standards (Standards by Topic)

Women Chemists Throughout History (excellent resource and information about numerous women in chemistry)

Understanding  Evolution (This site does a very nice job of explaining Evolution)

GEPA Prep on line simulated test questions

Interactive Tutorials such as Solar and Lunar Eclipses and much more!

The International Earth Rotation Service

Einstein's Light (really great explanations of scientific laws developed by Galileo,  Maxwell and Einstein)

Eyes of Nye-Bill Nye site

Many Earth Science Animations

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Extreme Science (world records of all sorts, living and non living)

Resources from the NJ State Libraries (lots of information and resources for different issues)

The Science Spot - This is an excellent  site especially for teachers - it is loaded with lesson plans and printable activity sheets (check it out)

Science-Class this is an excellent site and must see especially for middle school science teachers (loaded with really great stuff)

School of  Champions Web Site (this site is an excellent resource especially for  physical science)

World  Population Clock (Excellent up to date information about populations, whole world or by country)

Grade 8  Science Web Site for Flemington Raritan School 

Websters On-Line Dictionary (Great resource)

Enjoy the Ride (A Feel Good Video/Powerpoint) An Introspective Reflection

Snoops The definitive Internet reference source for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation

Snoops: The Specific  Science Section

United States Debt Clock (What the debt is for each person in America, very scary)

Students First web site by Michelle Rhee (Interesting discussion points, take a look)

All the Biomes in one site (Excellent links and info to all the various biomes)

Biology of Plants (excellent info and diagrams especially for elementary and middle school)

Backyard Geology (very good basic geology information about rock, minerals and more)

NJ Eagle population and other raptors (excellent info on nesting sites and much more)

Storybird.com (This is a site where you can create your own story book, Great for students and teachers)

Next Generation Science Standards (These are the latest stages towards national science standards 2012)

Online University Teaching Resources (lots if good info, take a look)

Eons, Epochs, Etc (Really Great Paleontology and Geology info) Great Site With Lots of Layers

Wise Old Sayings and Quotes (Thousands of famous, or not so famous, sayings and quotes)

The Old Farmer's Almanac ( Lots of great information on many everyday topics, check it out)