Scientific News

Astronomy Now --  Companion to the British publication, contains many interesting, full-text articles.


National Geographic News --  Recent news articles in the field of science.  Site is updated daily.  Includes links to related web resources as well as related lesson plans.


New Scientist  -- News from the science world.  Web companion to print magazine of same name, some articles are available online in full-text.


Nova : Science in the News -- Weekly articles written for students by scientists.


Quirks and Quarks -- companion site to the radio science program on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation


Science Daily --  Covers latest discoveries and recent news in science.  Full text articles from news sources around the world.


Science SpotExcellent information in this site for teachers (check it out) - contains lesson plans and printable activity sheets

Starstuff -- -News about astronomy for young scientists -- or anyone interested in the field of astronomy.


Today@NASA - What's new at NASA


Why Files?  Science in the News -- Everyday news stories with a scientific twist.  Browse the archives by subject and theme.