Ocean Biome/Oceanography



As crude a weapon as a cave man's club, the chemical barrage has been hurled against the fabric of life.        

--Rachel Carson


Ocean Biome/Oceanography Resources

Animal Diversity Web

Currents, Waves and Tides(excellent simple definitions, diagrams, and animations)

Enchanted learning (good site for students)

Marine Life Index (excellent lists of  many many varieties of sea life)

Welcome to Oceanography -office of naval research (excellent site with many types of information about the ocean, click menus on left)

Office of Naval  Research (excellent links and information)

Oceanlink-Marine Sciences (Another excellent site with lots of information for students)


Ocean Biome Windows to the Universe (Excellent for ALL Topics)
Ocean Habitats (Really great mostly text and diagrams, excellent info)
The World's Biomes (Six major types) loaded with excellent info about each 
Biology/Biome Topic Index, Excellent (this has so many science topic links, must see)

Baltimore Aquarium and more (good site for project  although limited #)

Water Science for Schools (great info and links)


Planet Ocean

Sea and Sky: Sealinks

Secrets of the Ocean Realm

Oceanography (many excellent links)

Lunar  Tides (Reference with simple and clear information, very good)

Oceans Alive (good but brief info)

Virtual Ocean


Wind and Sea


Weather wiz (a comprehensive privately maintained weather site


The Role of Our Oceans

Zipcode Zoo (this is excellent info for projects, great search tool)

Ocean information (ocean floor and Earth structure)

Tides and Water Levels, (very detailed info by NOAA, very good)

Sharks and more sharks (great  resource for shark info and for projects)

Many Earth Science Animations

Moon Tides (Excellent information especially for Internet Discovery Sheet)


Extreme Science (World Records)

Tides Simulator (interesting)

Marine Studies-Neat  Stuff-Ocean Organisms (very good info about lots of ocean life)

National Geographic

Motions of the Ocean (Windows of the Universe) Excellent information about the oceans

Fun Animal Facts

Ocean and Marine Life Web Sites (This is an amazing, huge collection of sites covering everything about oceans and marine life

NOAA (Excellent, this site is loaded with all kinds of info about the ocean)

  MarineBio (Excellent, loaded with info and numerous menus)
  Marinebio Facts (Excellent, Incredible amount of detailed info, multi-layered)

Facts and info about the oceans and marine life, (excellent, loaded with info, multi layered) 


 Seafood Watch (Lots of good info about sustainability of seafood resources)