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Next Generation Science Standards
New Jersey Student Learning Standards and other important links!

Blue Webn Update-Science resources, lesson plans and activities

Science and Technology Concepts for Middle School

Science NetLinks -- Science resources, lesson plans that meet state standards

Expedition @National Geographic -- Science resources, lesson plans that meet state standards

PBS Science – Teacher Source -- Lesson plans, activities that meet state standards

Eisenhower Clearinghouse in Math and Science -- Navigation on the left of screen links you to lesson plans, websites and other digital resources.  Register to receive Digital Dozen each month by email.

Cornell Theory Center: Math and Science Gateway -- Annotated lists of web resources

Science Education Gateway -- Lesson plans and web resources developed by teachers, scientists and museums.

IMSEnet -- curriculum resources


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Welcome to My World: Careers in Science and Technology

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Extreme Science – world records in science

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New Jersey Science Standards and Many More Links (LOTS HERE)