Student Safety Information
Science Lab Rules
1.   All books, papers, and other flammable materials should be kept away from open flame.
2.   Those students with long hair must tie it back when working with an open flame.
3.   Do not mix chemicals or perform unscheduled experiments without teacher approval.
4.   Never use chemicals from an unlabeled container.
5.   Use only chemicals obtained from the supply area.
6.   Do not taste chemicals nor bring them into contact with your eyes, nose or mouth.
7.   Wear safety goggles when experimenting with flame, acids, or activities involving hammering.
8.   Clean up spilled liquids with wet paper towels and notify the teacher immediately.
9.   Never heat a closed container.  Point open ends of test tubes, flasks, etc. away from you and others when heating.
10. Discard waste matter in appropriate container.
11. Use air pistons for their intended purpose only.
12. Use care in carrying equipment to your work area.
13. If equipment is dropped or mislaid, locate it and/or pick it up immediately.
14. In case of accident, spills, breakage, etc, notify your teacher immediately.
15. Handle all electrical equipment according to instructions.
16. Use care when carrying equipment to your desk.  Watch materials with sharp edges, points, etc.  Be aware of others around you.
Final Note:  Remember, accidents do not just happen.  Most occur because students are unaware of proper safety precautions.  This list should keep you well informed.  Periodic review of these rules is essential.
Computer Safety Rules
1.  Only use disks, memory sticks, or flash drives, provided by the teacher.
2.  Adding, deleting, or changing files must be approved by the teacher.
3.  Check at the beginning and end of class for mouse because your group is responsible if it is missing.
4.  You must shut down your computer in the prescribed manner.
5.  Make sure you log out at the end of the period.
6.  Don't change anything unless you check with the teacher.  This particularly relates to the desktop, window size, screensaver, icons.
7.  Stay focused on the task at hand.  No games unless teacher approved.
Treat your computer with respect -- it is a tool, not a toy!