Cell Biology and Genetics
"We had found the secret of life."
--James Watson



Microstructure of Living Things

Cell Organelles and Functions (Clear, basic, simple outline) excellent



Bio-Ed Online (# of Kingdoms)
Introduction to Biological Classification (excellent, click on slides)
Cell Cycle
A Virtual Pond Dip
The Biology Project (Excellent diagrams of plant and animal cells and much more)
Microscope Imaging Station (excellent pictures and more, take a look, good stuff)
The Bad Bug Book (Simple and informative look at some bacteria in some foods that can cause illness)
Enchanted Learning Cells (excellent info)
Encarta Encyclopedia on-line (Excellent Resource for many areas not just Microbio)
Welcome to Evolution 101
BBC Biology-Cells and much more (excellent stuff choose primary or secondary)
Microscopic views (Lots and Lots of microscopic specimen views of all kinds, excellent quality)
Life Cycles (simple but very good click and drag information for elementary students) 
Life Cycle Project Site, Elem. or Middle school (this site gives project outline and some excellent links with a number of animal choices)
Biology of Plants (excellent info and diagrams especially for elementary and middle school)
"The Great Plant Escape" (Great information and quiz on basic plant parts and structures, Elem/Middle School)
5 Kingdoms of Life (brief, clear information about each classification) links to other info also
6 Kingdoms (Basic but comprehensive information and pictures of each Kingdom, some links lead to other web sites)
6 Kingdoms (Excellent - great information-presented as slide show, well done check it out)
Cells - The Building Bricks of Life (Excellent, simple easy to read information and excellent pictures/diagrams)

6 Kingdoms (Great site, excellent info loaded with diagrams and pictures)

Cell Structure and Function (Excellent Site)
Gene Choice
Learn Genetics- Stem Cells, Cloning and more
Click and Clone Mimi the mouse (this is GREAT)
Mystery Bull - Interactive Genetics (Excellent)
The Human Transcript Map
Your Genes Your Choice
Mouse Genetics
Cloning 101 (This is a site with excellent information about real cloned animals and very good animation)
Tour the Basics, From DNA to Traits (This has excellent info and animations and sound)
Cloning and Genetics
DNA - Genes and Things Introduction  -  I Can Do That!
Genetics Education Center (clearing-house of sites)
DNA Extraction Activity from Wheat Germ
Stem Cells in the Spotlight (Excellent interactive site - this site is full of excellent animations and info)
Genetics Web (Excellent-numerous interactive genetics activities -introductory to advanced)
Who's Your Daddy-Heredity and Genetics- (Excellent stuff, click on the student)
Stem Cell Information (good definitions and simple explanations)
Human Gene Editing (CRISPR) is this the beginning if "designer babies')
Difference between GMO's and Genetic Engineering
What Are GMO's?
Difference between GMO’s and Genetic Engineering