Notes from Mr. Tormey
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    Mr. Tormey says, "Science Rules!"
   "Every day you touch science and every day science touches you."

     R. Tormey

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"Be the change that you want to see in the world."  M. K. Gandhi "

In my professional opinion, the face of education has changed such, that it is no longer imperative to be a source and distributor of vast amounts of knowledge.  Educators should no longer be the "sage on the stage." I have always wanted my students to UNDERSTAND science and not just memorize science facts.  It is more important to our students and their future lives that we teach them how and where to acquire the knowledge and information they will need, so they can become informed and responsible contributors to the global society.

Curriculum Outline  
First Trimester  

Chemistry - Understanding the composition and behavior of matter


Atomic Structure and Theory


Acids and Bases

Second Trimester  

Environmental Pollution


Ocean Biome

Kingdoms of Life (we cover Five Kingdoms)

Comparison of Cell Structure and Function

Third Trimester



Universe as a Whole


Human Exploration of Space